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Personal graph

The personal graph is a graphic representation of your search history that only includes decisions. These are represented according to the type of decision or court. Each decision represents a different node of the graph. The relevance of the decision is calculated taking into account the documents that you have viewed, instead of the relevance that each decision may have independently.

Each node (or decision) will show related documents when you click on it. You can add these documents to the graph by clicking on the “+” sign to see the relationship with the rest of the nodes.

Have a look at this video and find out more about the Personal Graph feature: Personal Graph – vLex Canada

Because knowing where you’ve been in legal research is often the first step to figuring our where you need to go next, the Personal Graph offers context to your research history — how do the cases relate to each other? Which ones are most influential within the network? What am I missing? On that last question, we see your personal research network as a forest comprised of trees, and so we offer up similar case recommendations to help you uncover the trees in that same forest that you have yet to find.

source: https://blog.vlex.com/legal-technology-innovation-the-core-drives-excitement-at-the-edge-d3f4a09c2829


This feature is only available in Canada.

Updated on January 8, 2018

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