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Display Usage Statistics

vLex offers a tool to that allows you to view and download vLex usage statistics.

Limited availability

This feature is available only for users with administrator privileges and Academic, Corporate, Government, or Professional Association accounts. This feature is not available for users of vLex Open (free account) or vLex Professional. Note the additional availability of access to statistics in COUNTER format .

How to access vLex web usage statistics?

1. Go to your profile (upper right corner) – “MANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT”

2. Go to the “STATISTICS” section (left margin of the screen)

3. View the usage statistics and download the daily/monthly report


These statistics do not include access via the vLex Mobile application..

How to access vLex Mobile usage statistics?

From the same statistics panel, a user with Administrator privileges has the option to view the usage statistics of the vLex mobile application. The data presented does not include web access to vLex.

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Updated on December 20, 2017

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