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The vCite Citation Check

1. What is the vCite Citation Check?

The vCite Citation Check is an exclusive tool developed by vLex that allows you to evaluate if the legislation cited and applied in a decision is still in force or if it has undergone any modification subsequent to its publication (or if it will likely be modified in the future by an amendment that is currently “vacatio legis.”) This allows you as a legal professional to review an “authority table” of the legislation applied and make an informed decision on whether that document is applicable to a specific current case or is legislation that is no longer in force or has been modified.

Feature availability:

The vCite Citation Check is a premium feature. It is not available for vLex Open (free version) users. It is currently available in Spain, United States, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and Chile.

2. Where can I find it?

The “vCite Citation Check” is located in the upper left section of any document that you are viewing.

Once this section is selected, you will see an extensive analysis showing the validity (or not) of all of the articles mentioned by the document you are viewing.


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Updated on December 15, 2017

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