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Case History (Procedural History)

The case history allows you to view all of the procedural case history in detail. The resources along with all of their previous decisions or actions are linked visually so that you can review a whole file with minimal effort.

vLex documentary work and exclusive vLex technology give you access to thousands of fully documented cases, so you do not waste time or have doubts.

Look for a decision in vLex and if it has a procedural history you can quickly see the scope of the judgment and the final verdict, as shown in the image below.

If there were cases that are similar to the one you are viewing and that may be of interest to you, will be shown in the “Related documents” section

Available only in select countries.

This feature is currently available in Spain , Chile and Colombia. In Spain and Chile a selection of preceding documents are linked by case history.

If you have vLex Premium, clicking on the court link will access your data in vLex Analytics, as well as the data of the judge giving the decision of the court.

vLex Analytics

vLex Analytics is only available in Spain for vLex Premium users.

This post is also available in: Español

Updated on March 6, 2019

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