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1. What is it? What are the benefits?

The vLex Chrome extension saves you time and improves the quality of your day to day work in the following ways:

  • Incorporates relevant vLex results into your Google searches when you use Chrome
  • Automatically enriches the pages you visit with links and references to the most relevant documents on vLex.
Feature availability:

The vLex Chrome extension is free on all subscriptions, including both subscription clients and vLex Open (free service) users. Currently it is available to users worldwide. However, the experience is more extensive for users with a subscription from the United States, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Peru.

2. Installation

2.1 Go to the Chrome Store and click on the button at the top of the page (“Add to Chrome”) to start the installation.

2.2 When the installation process has finished, you will see an icon appear next to your navigation bar.

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Extension installed, you can now begin to enjoy its benefits!

3. Incorporate vLex into your search results

3.1 When you perform a search in Google you will see that, when searching for legal terms, an additional box appears with results and any related news highlighted in vLex.

3.2 Click on a result you are interested in to access it immediately on vLex

  • If you are logged in to vLex, it will directly show you the results on the vLex page
  •  If you are not logged in to vLex , it will ask you to log in to access the content

Search results: What content will appear?

If you have the vLex Chrome extension, when you search you will see results corresponding to the country of your subscription (or if you are not a subscription customer, your results will be for the specific country of your vLex Open account). Currently, results will appear for users with subscriptions from the United States, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Peru.

The Chrome extension automatically enriches all of the pages that you visit with links to vLex and references to relevant legal documents cited on that page.

Enriched pages: What cites does the extension recognize?

If you have the vLex extension installed, you can enrich pages you visit with links to documents from any country, regardless of the product you have purchased.

Currently the extension recognizes citations for legislation and case law from the United States, Spain, Mexico and Colombia. It recognizes case law citations from Canada and India. It also recognizes references to legislation from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, the United Kingdom, Uruguay, Venezuela and the European Union

This post is also available in: Español

Updated on February 6, 2020

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