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Creating a SFX Button on vLex

For clients that have implemented the SFX server and want to implement the SFX button in vLex.


– Have IP access configured
– Have the “Base URL” and “Button URL” fields defined.

For example, for a customer with these fields:
url address: http://example.com:3410/sfxlcl24
SFX Button: http://example.com:3410/sfxlcl24/sfx.gif

The client must change the url address they use to access vLex via IP access (http://vlex.com/account/login_ip) to this new url address that uses the SFX parameters:


By using this URL to authenticate the user, vLex will include the defined SFX button while navigating the books and magazines contents.


The SFX button does not appear in a document if your ISBN or ISSN is missing.

This post is also available in: Español

Updated on February 5, 2020

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