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Document options

All documents in vLex have several features that will help you save time. These features allow you to be more precise when you are looking for something in particular.

1. Document Index: document navigation

To make navigating a document easier, there is an index located on the left side of the page. If you are browsing a regulation, for example, it will be very easy to move between different sections.

Just over the index of the document, you will find a small search engine that can be used to find text fragments within a document.

2.  Reading options

vLex has been designed with the goal of reducing visual fatigue. For this reason, the combination of colors, text and the Reader have been carefully chosen. This includes a full-screen viewer where you can read a text as if it were a book. You can activate this feature in any document by clicking on the Reader option.


3. Text options

Similar to the Reader, you can adjust the text options by changing the document display settings to further facilitate readability.

The text options are:

  • Font size: choose between three different sizes.
  • Justified text: choose between justified or unjustified text.
  • Font: choose between two different fonts

A preview of the selected settings will be displayed. Click on ‘Apply’ to save the changes to the document you are viewing.

Printing options

These settings will not apply when printing a document, they only serve to display the content on the screen.

4. Download and printing options

You can download any document in word format, if you want to be able to easily edit it, in pdf format and in rich text (RTF) format.

The different options for downloading the document are located at the top of the page, as seen in the following image.

You can print vLex documents clicking on the icon in the form of a printer at the top of the document.

If you are trying to download a document in Word, PDF or RTF format and you receive a download error, it may be that your browser is outdated thus causing compatibility problems. Please check our supported and recommended browsers.

If the document you are viewing has visualization or content errors, please contact our Customer Service Department or send an email to support@vlex.com.

5. Save to a folder or as a bookmark options

vLex has a system of folders and favorites that allow you to save, manage and sort your documents on the vLex platform.

When you access a document, the option to save it in a folder or mark it as a favorite is located at the top of the page.

6. Send and share on social networks option

vLex includes the possibility of sending a specific document via email without having to download it or save it.

You also have the option to share the document with your social network contacts: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


This post is also available in: Español

Updated on April 29, 2019

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