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Document Translation

The feature of document translation allows you to choose the language in which you want to translate the document, download it, or save it the same as with all of the available vLex document features.

Click on the icon to access the translation language selection menu and select a language to translate to.

Once the language is set, the document will be automatically translated into the chosen language. It will also allow you to download it, print it, as well as use all the different options (document options link) that vLex offers in order to make document searching and managing more comfortable and easy.

The platform also allows you to see the version in the original language, the translated version and the parallel (side-by-side) text, a very useful option to see the whole translation.

Reliability of Translation

The translation offered by this tool is an automated translation. The goal is to locate relevant documents in another language and get a general idea as to their content. Legal professional should not make decisions based on an automated translation.

This post is also available in: Español

Updated on April 4, 2019

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