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EBSCO Discovery Service Integration

What is EBSCO Discovery?

EBSCO Discovery Service allows a user to use a single search engine to simultaneously search several different subscription services that the library has purchased or contracted.

How does the integration work with vLex?

The EBSCO Discovery integration allows you to simultaneously view all the base contents of different providers of your library (including a full-text search of vLex titles.)

What are its benefits?

For the vLex client-institution, this allows you to maximize the use of your contracted service. For the user, this integration allows you to discover content available in vLex when performing searches that are not for the typical legal information (i.e. an economics student can find doctrine, laws or news available in vLex.)

Functionality for Academic, Corporate and Government Edition Accounts

This feature is available for Academic, Corporate and Government Edition Accounts. It is not available for customers who have purchased the vLex Professional Edition or for vLex Open clients (free version.).

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Updated on March 6, 2019

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