This page allows you to view your search history, including documents, categories and publications that you have previous looked at.

vLex Professional Edition or vLex Open Users:

vLex Professional Edition and Vlex Open Users can view their search history.

View your search history using the “History” icon located at the top of your screen, inside the search bar.

From there you will be able to view all of the searches you have done and the documents that you have viewed.

You can use the Filter history feature to filter your results or files by a certain month, date or time interval.

Academic, Government or Corporate Editions with Personal Accounts

A vLex Academic, Government or Corporate Edition user can have a personal corporate account if any of the following have been activated:

  • SSO with a personal account for all users, so that a personal account is created for each user that enters the system.
  • IP access, SSO without personal account, access via Http Proxy or other mechanisms that do not individualize the users, but where the user has created an optional personal account.

In those situations:

  • The user will have access to their private search history using the same method as explained above for Professional Edition of vLex Open accounts.
  • The search history of a user who created the personal account will not be visible to the other personal users of that organization, other users who do not create personal accounts, or for users of the organization with administrator privileges.

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Updated on February 5, 2020

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