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Introducing the new vLex: the most advanced intelligent legal suite


The new vLex transforms a traditional database into a complete legal suite that integrates content, management tools and legal analytics all on one platform.

What’s new in the new version of vLex?

Universal Platform

Research without limits. We’ve brought together national and international content from more than 130 countries onto a single platform.

A comprehensive legal research database, management tools and legal analytics all within one environment.

Latest generation virtual assistants: Vincent & Eunomia

Vincent transforms simple keyword search into a document-based contextual search powered by AI. Eunomia is your virtual paralegal that helps you manage and plan legal processes.

Save time reading through documents with the paragraphs containing keywords highlighted, enabling you to get to the information you need faster.

AI-powered documentary analysis

Documentary analysis is enriched with key information that jumpstarts your search: “vCite Citations”, “Cited by” and “Related to Vincent”.

Original PDF enriched with vLex editorial treatment

A layer of editorial treatment is applied to the original PDF, enriching it with advanced functionalities: vCite, highlights and Notes.

Results-oriented design

vLex has been completely redesigned to be easier and more intuitive. Save time and expand your knowledge thanks to the results-oriented design.


We appreciate your interest in the redesigned vLex, and we’d love to get your feedback so we can keep doing things better!

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Updated on April 11, 2019

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