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Legislation, Official Gazettes and Journals

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Consolidated Legislation

Consolidated versions of legislation, which incorporate any changes or amendments introduced by subsequent laws.

Country/RegionPrevious versions availableUpdate frequencyvCite Legislation
ArgentinaYes (from 2008)Daily
BoliviaYes (from 2017)Daily
BrazilYes (from 2011)Daily
Canada (Ontario)YesDaily
ColumbiaYes (from 2008)Daily
Costa RicaYes (from 2016)Monthly
CubaYes (from 2018)Weekly
Dominican RepublicYes (from 2018)
EcuadorYes (from 2016)Daily
El SalvadorYes (from 2016)Daily
EUYes (from 2012)Daily
GuatemalaYes (from Sep. 2018) Weekly
Honduras Yes (from 2018) Weekly
Ireland NoWeekly
Mexico (state) Yes (only one version from 2009) Daily
Mexico (federal) Yes (from 2008) Daily
NicaraguaYes (from 2018)Weekly
PanamaYes (from 2016)Daily
ParaguayYes (from 2016)Daily
PeruYes (from 2016)Daily
Puerto RicoDaily (limited)
Spain (Autonomous regions)YesDaily
Spain (National)YesDaily
United KingdomNoWeekly
United States (federal)(Coming Soon)Weekly
United States (state)(Coming Soon)Weekly
UruguayYes (from 2016)Daily
VenezuelaYes (from Sep.2018)Daily

Official Gazettes and Journals

The vLex platform holds the official gazettes and journals of the following countries (as well as European journals not included in this list):

CountryOriginal Version
(image or PDF)
Text Version AvailableAmendment trail Available
Andean CommunityYesNoDaily
ArgentinaYes YesDaily
Austria Yes YesNo
BoliviaYes YesDaily (from 1/1/2018)
CubaYesYes (general provisions from 1/1/2018)Daily (from 1/1/2018)
Costa RicaYesYesDaily (from 1/7/2019)
Dominican RepublicYesYes Daily (from 1/7/2019)
EcuadorYesYes (general provisions from 1/1/2018)Daily (from 1/1/2018)
El SalvadorYesYes (general provisions from 1/1/2018)Daily (from 1/1/2018)
EU (OJEU)YesYesDaily
Yes (general provisions from 1/1/2018)
Daily (from 1/1/2018)
HondurasYesDaily (from 1/1/2018)
Mexico (Federal) YesYesDaily
Mexico (State)Yes (with exceptions)  
NicaraguaYes Yes (general provisions from 1/1/2018) Daily (from 1/1/2018)
ParaguayYes Yes (general provisions from 1/1/2018) Daily (from 1/1/2018)
Puerto Rico –
Spain (Autonomous regions)YesYesDaily
Spain (State)YesYesDaily
United StatesYesYesNo
UruguayYes Yes (general provisions from 1/1/2018) Daily (from 1/1/2018)
VenezuelaYes Yes (general provisions from 1/1/2018) Daily (from 1/1/2018)

Amendment trail means that the vLex editorial team go over any changes or amendments created by new pieces of legislation, and add a link to the amended legislation, as well as a link in the affected piece of legislation to the law that amends or repeals it. This way, vLex users can be confident that they aren’t missing anything and are using up-to-date legislation.

Updated on May 7, 2020

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