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Personal Corporate Accounts

1. What is a personal corporate account?

All users of Academic, Government, or Corporate subscriptions can create a personal account. Every license allows for the creation of a personal corporate account. This feature is not available for users of Professional or vLex Open accounts.

Each user benefits from a private vLex account and can use all of the personal features such as creating alerts and notes, following SmartTopics, following documents and sources, customizing news, creating personal folders or reviewing their personal search history.

The Account Administrator has access to complete statistics including the number of people using vLex and the frequency of their individual use.

2. Access options

There are two methods to choose from:

  • Creation of personal accounts for all users
  • Anonymous access where each individual user can create a personal corporate account (or sub-account) for each one of the members of your organization through corporate license

3. Personal accounts for all users (access via SSO and personal account)

When the client organization has chosen to configure access by SSO and personal account the end user shouldn’t need to do anything. Every time a new user of the client organization enters the site, a new user will be created in vLex automatically. The user will immediately be able to enjoy vLex’s personalized features.

4. Anonymous access and personal account for a user who individually requests it.

When logging into vLex, you will receive the option to create your own personal account.

When creating a new personal account, you must fill in the required fields (first and last name, and corporate email), read and approve the general conditions of use and click “create personal account”.

It is also possible to create a personal account with a single click, through social networks: Google, Twitter or Facebook.

The system will send an email for you to activate the account which must be clicked within 24 hours. You can start to use personalized features from the moment that you receive the email.

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Updated on February 12, 2020

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