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Precedent Map

The Precedent Map is a visual representation of relevant and related cases that allows you to quickly prioritise further research.

When looking at a case, select Precedent Map from the tabs at the top of the document.

Available jurisdictions

The Precedent Map is currently available for all jurisdictions except Spain.

Understanding the Precedent Map

Civil Law Jurisdictions / USA / Canada :

The large circle in the middle represents the main case that you are looking at. The small circles inside the case represent cases which have been mentioned within your main case and the large circles around the outside represent later cases that have looked back to your main case.

The Precedent Map will display the most significant and influential cases relevant to your main case so that you can see at a glance where else to direct your research. The larger the circle, the more in common that case has with your main case.

If an outer circle is joined to your main case by an arrow, then it has directly mentioned your case in its judgment. If there is no arrow link between the circle and your main case, then it is still highly relevant, but not directly related.

We limit the number of cases available on the Precedent Map to 70 on the outside (plus all cited cases inside), to be sure that the most influential and important cases stand out. Our algorithm uses a combination of the number of citings a particular case has in the relevant area of law as well as the date that the case was heard (that way, new relevant cases that have not had a chance to be quoted as often are still displayed).

Other Common Law Jurisdictions :

For common law jurisdictions, the Precedent Map is not limited to the 70 most relevant citing cases – it will instead display all cases which have cited or been cited by your main case. As this could get very busy, you can filter the cases on the map to show only those from a particular area of law, or that have been treated in a particular way (positive/negative/neutral).

Precedent Map for common law

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Updated on July 28, 2020

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