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1. What are SmartTopics?

SmartTopics are the most important legal concepts of each country organized by artificial intelligence technology and a curated editorial review.

With SmartTopics, you save time and gain legal security. You no longer have to spend time sorting through thousands of results. You also benefit from vLex knowledge and the knowledge of thousands of users who use vLex daily and tell us which documents are most relevant for each concept.

Using SmartTopics you can:

  • Review in real time the most relevant and current documents for each legal topic and see in a single view what is most important and updated in that topic. It’s that easy and useful.
  • Keep up to date with the SmartTopics that are important to you with our follow-up feature. When you follow a SmartTopic you activate a surveillance system that will inform you of any changes or updates related to a specific SmartTopic. Forget about text search alerts; SmartTopics go a step further by actively monitoring legal news.
Feature available in:

SmartTopics are currently available in Spain, the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Argentina. Soon to be available in all other countries.

In a SmartTopic tab, you will find three columns:

First Column

  • vLex filters: You use these to search across the documents in vLex related to the topic you are viewing.

Second Column

  • Best document: this is the first result shown and refers to a document, prepared by an expert, that embodies the chosen topic in a concrete way.
  • Featured documents: includes a careful selection of all useful content, consisting of:
    • Legal guides
    • Case law
    • Legislation
    • Forms and contracts
    • Webinars
    • Books and magazines

Third Column

  • In other jurisdictions: Search the same topic in other jurisdictions.
  • News: you will see a daily update with the latest news on your SmartTopic, as well as content that will be incorporated into vLex.
vLex learns with you

With your SmartTopics and documents that you follow, you choose your preferences and personalize your vLex experience. Remember that customizing vLex gives you access to news adjusted to your profile, the monitoring of relevant legislative changes, and better search results.

2. How to query SmartTopics?

You can access the SmartTopics through the vLex autocomplete system, which will suggest SmartTopics along with your search results, and through the news stream where you will find posts already tagged with SmartTopics. By clicking on each label, you will be able to access the corresponding SmartTopic and follow it.

2.1. Search

The easiest way to find SmartTopics is by using the simple universal search engine on the vLex homepage. The intelligent search engine will suggest SmartTopics when you perform your searches.

2.2. From the News stream

You can consult a SmartTopic every time you log in to vLex, and find documents or content that interest you.

3. How to customize vLex by adding key SmartTopics?

3.1 Customize and edit your vLex

From the option located in the top-right of your news wall, you can customize your topics of interest.

Review the guide on how to customize your news stream.

3.2. Follow SmartTopics while using vLex

In addition to those selected when you first edit your vLex, you can add additional SmartTopics each time you log in to vLex, to discover documents and content that are of interest to you.

You can follow a SmartTopic, as well as view its content, by simply clicking on the applicable topic.

4. How do I see all of the SmartTopics I am subscribed to?

All of the topics that you follow can be accessed using the “Edit your vLex” button, so that you can easily reference them whenever you want. 

When you sign in, a new page will open with all of the SmartTopics and documents followed by you.

From this page you can:

  • Add more SmartTopics from the list of suggestions we show you from “You may be interest in…” or by searching directly in the “Search SmartTopics” option.
  • View the SmartTopics and documents that you follow.
  • Unfollow a SmartTopic or document

You can view the topics that you are following by finding the one you are interested in and selecting it.

5. How can I stop receiving SmartTopic notifications?

If you would like to stop receiving notifications for SmartTopics you are following, go to “Edit your vLex” and in the dialogue box on the right select “No”.

New Document Notifications

When you choose to stop receiving SmartTopic notifications, you’ll continue to receive notifications for new documents or periodicals you are following. To stop receiving notifications for these also, you can simply select to stop following them.

This post is also available in: Español

Updated on February 12, 2020

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