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Translated search

One of the key features of vLex in the international setting is the ability to easily search for content of different languages in your own native language.

To do this you use the advanced search and enter your search criteria, next select “Translate Search Terms” and select the language you want to translate into.

2. Translated results

The system will show all of the results that meet the search criteria. It will automatically translate the titles of the documents (or not) according to your language preferences.

If you are fluent in any of the translated languages, you can see how the system has translated your search by clicking on the “Edit translation” button. The contributions of vLex users are taking into account by our algorithms to refine our automated legal translation.

3. Translated document

By clicking on any document, you will be able to view the document that interests you. It will be in the original version (with the option for translating the document) or the automatically translated version, according to your language preferences.

This post is also available in: Español

Updated on March 6, 2019

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