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vLex Digest

vLex Digest is a personalized legal newsletter that you can receive by email. This newsletter contains only the most recent and most prominent news about topics you have previously selected as your favorites.

How can I start receiving my vLex Digest?

You will begin to receive this newsletter when you follow one or more SmartTopics.

Select your topics of interest (SmartTopics) in the “Edit your vLex” section to start receiving the newsletter.

When will I receive my vLex Digest?

In the “Edit your vLex” section you can choose the frequency of your personalized newsletter: weekly or daily. You can also select new topics, or unfollow topics, so that you always receive information that interests you the most.

What will be in my vLex Digest?

vLex automatically generates a summary of highlights and most popular publications from vLex that relate to your interests: i.e. news related to the SmartTopics that you follow and, if you follow specific documents, any changes to those documents. Finally, it also includes a summary of the content that has been most viewed by the vLex community.

vLex Digest example

How do I stop receiving my vLex Digest?

If you want to stop receiving the newsletter, select the option “Do not send emails” in the “Edit your vLex” section.

Other options to configure the legal news that you receive

Remember that in order for you to keep up to date with legal goings on, you also have the vLex alert feature and the option to follow documents and sources.

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Updated on February 6, 2020

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