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vLex News Stream

What is the vLex News Stream?

When entering vLex, you will be presented with a customized news stream (or news feed). The vLex News Stream appears on the main page and contains legal news of interest, important legislative changes, recently published important documents or publications and key information to help you stay up to date and be a more efficient legal professional.

Among the hundreds of possible important events for you, our system calculates a personalized selection based on an advanced artificial intelligence system that takes into consideration the most important legal topics to you (the SmartTopics you are subscribed to), the documents and publications important to you (documents and sources you are subscribed to), and your patterns as a user, as for example: what subjects you search for and the documents you view.

The content that you see in your news stream is content that you have access to or content that is within your purchased plan. To access content outside your plan, check our different plans and products or how to get vLex credits.

vLex learns with you

The more you use vLex and the more vLex users there are in your country, the more intelligent and useful the news stream becomes to you.


1. News stream tabs

1. 1 Personalized news

The “Personalized news” tab, in your news stream, shows you the content customized for you. It prioritizes posts that have received more visits and reactions from users and takes into account your personalization preferences. This allows you to be up to date with all the news in one glance, even if you have not been on vLex for several days.

1. 2 Most Recent

The “Most Recent” tab shows you latest content so that you do not overlook or miss any relevant changes. It is the best way to stay up to date!

1. 3 International news

The “International news” tab shows you all documents, news or relevant changes at the International level.

2. How do I customize my news stream?

2.1 Initial Customization

Selecting your favorite SmartTopics (indicating which topics or legal concepts are important to you)

a. Select the “Edit your vLex” option in the upper right section of your news stream.

b. Set the topics of your interest and get ready to receive curated legal news with editorial summaries and hyperlinks to underlying documents on the vLex platform.

Thanks to SmartTopics, the exclusive vLex technology, you can achieve a level of personalization and access to knowledge like never before.

c. The next step is to choose your areas of interest. We recommend to choose at least three.

d. Next, vLex will suggest more specific topics based on the areas of interest that you selected. You can choose as many topics as you like.

e. Don’t forget that when searching or navigating vLex, if you find an important document or publication, you can follow that document clicking “Follow” at the top of the document.


View the documents you are following by clicking on the “Edit your  vLex” button.

Read more about the Follow documents feature.

f. Choose if you want to receive a vLex Digest. You can receive all of the latest news related to your selected topics by a daily or weekly email.

Select the “Do not email” option, in case you want to see the news of your interested subjects only when you log in to vLex. All the documents will appear in your “personalized news” tab.

Now your vLex is personalized!

2. 2 Add more SmartTopics while you search or browse

You can add more SmartTopics, in addition to those you originally selected, every time you log in to vLex and find documents and content that interest you.

You can view its content by clicking on it to see if you are interested in following it.

2. 3 Add your favorite documents while searching or browsing

Through normal vLex use, you can also follow documents. This keeps you up to date of constant documentary changes or updates (e.g. legislative changes) by allowing you to view related news on your news stream. Remember that with the SmartTopics and documents that you follow, you define your preferences and personalize vLex. Remember that vLex customization gives you access to news in accordance with your profile, tracking of legislative changes and better search results.

3. Use vLex regularly

The more you use vLex, the more we learn about what is relevant to you.

Information for vLex Legal Guide clients

If you have purchased a vLex Legal Practical Guide, we will automatically add all of the topics that are closely related to that legal guide topic. This does not affect your ability to customize or select your SmartTopics. 

This post is also available in: Español

Updated on April 29, 2019

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