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EndNote Integration

What is EndNote?

EndNote is a commercial bibliographic citation management software marketed by the Clarivate Analytics company. It is an online reference managing tool that allows you to create a customized database of more than 10,000 references through the importation of online database citations or text files. The references can be organized into files, allowing you to create a bibliography quickly and easily. It offers a wide range of citation styles (more than 3,200 citation formats).*

What are its benefits?

EndNote facilitates the work of researches and authors who are writing articles, papers or doctoral thesis by assuring them that their citations are written correctly for the standard they need (i.e. Chicago or APA style.)

How does it work?

1. Search
Perform a search of vLex documents.
2. Send to EndNote
Highlight the reference you want to import, select the “Send to” icon and then the bibliographic manager “EndNote”.
3. Import into EndNote
The selected reference is automatically downloaded in an EndNote-compatible .ris file.

Keep in mind that from vLex the references must be exported one by one.

Feature available for Academic, Corporate, and Government Edition Accounts..

This feature is not available for Open (free) or Professional Edition Accounts.


In order to export reference from vLex to EndNote, you need to sign in to your personal vLex account using your personal username. This feature is not available in the anonymous access mode.

*vLex has no commercial relationship with EndNote.

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Updated on March 6, 2019

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