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Eunomia, the virtual paralegal assistant

What is Eunomia?

Eunomia is your virtual paralegal assistant integrated with Quolaw. The goal of Eunomia is to help you on a daily basis so that you can save time, be more productive, develop greater legal security and become a more well-rounded professional.
Eunomia was born as a response to the challenges that professionals and law firms face every day around the world: competition, innovation, digitalization and customer service.

Available only in Spain.

Currently, Eunomia is a feature available for Quolaw users in Spain.

How does it work?

Thanks to a standardization of processes applied in the legal field, Eunomia tells you the steps to follow in certain legal procedures and guides you in each of those steps to ensure progress in your case, including: the different phases of the judicial process, procedural deadlines, required documentation and the next steps you must take. All of this, integrated with the tools that Quolaw already provides you (files, allocation of hours and expenses…) and vLex technology. This allows you to have a complete view of your cases and greater control of the services you provide to your client.

  1. Open a file in Quolaw, launch Eunomia and choose a legal procedure: a divorce, dismissal or disability procedure are a few of the available procedures.
  2.  Our algorithm will guide you through the procedural path: what documentation is required, deadlines, what actions you can take… Eunomia shows you the path and gives you contextualized information so that you do not waste time or make mistakes.
  3. Use vLex content and technology. All of the legal information and documents that Eunomia provides are extracted from vLex. This guarantees that all the resources used by Eunomia follow current legislation and, if they change, are immediately updated.

Eunomia main benefits

More productivity and efficiency

Save time by being more organized. The Eunomia integration, along with other Quolaw tools allows for improved productivity and efficiency. With only a few clicks you can start a new case, schedule important dates, gather necessary documents and have visibility of the following actions.

Greater certainty and security in applying the law

Our algorithm will guide you through a procedural path. Every time a legislative change occurs, Eunomia is updated to reflect that change. In addition, the contextualized information offered by the system allows for legal security, designed specifically for the legal professional’s day-to-day tasks.

More satisfied clients and a more profitable business

Eunomia standardizes the provision of service, allowing improved control and quality of work. In addition, it allows you to go beyond your specialty and offer an even more complete service.

Secure all data and documents with a 100% cloud-based assistant

Your clients’ information is protected and always available. Eunomia and Quolaw are two 100% cloud tools that allow you to work and store information that is always accessible with maximum security.

Expand your services beyond your specialty

We are constantly expanding our procedural library so that you can go beyond your specialization.

Integrated with Quolaw

Eunomia, the virtual legal assistant, is integrated with Quolaw, the vLex office management software. Improve your business processes and complete the digital transformation of your office.

Learn more about how Eunomia works in this FAQ document (coming soon)

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Updated on February 15, 2018

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