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How do I search in vLex?

vLex has three search options to make it easy to find all the documents you need.


The top search bar in the top menu contains a predictive search engine with an autocomplete feature.

When you perform a general search in all contents, the results are sorted by: popular searches and sources.

The new platforms allows users to view content from more than 130 countries, without needing to switch between subscriptions, in a multilingual environment.

From the jurisdiction section you can choose to search in multiple jurisdiction or one jurisdiction, according to your needs.

By default, the search will be performed in the same jurisdiction as your user account. You can choose one, several, or all countries to find more or less content. Any content not available in your plan can be accessed using vLex credits.


Once the concept to be consulted has been selected, the results are shown in a new window that distinguishes between sources and documents.

The left side of the page classifies the content in Legislation, Case Law, Constitutions, Regulations, Books and Journals, News among others.

Click here to learn all the benefits of the autocomplete feature.

The “Search” tool allows you to perform searches when you have more information about the specific content you are looking for. For example, in the case of judgments when you know the court or the decision number.

The search engine locates the information according to jurisdiction and content, makes combinations of words and define your searches thanks to the different filtering options.

Click here to learn all the filtering options feature.

3. Browse by Content Type, Jurisdiction and List Sources.

The Browse icon, located on the left menu bar, shows all the content included in your subscription, arranged by the following three tabs: Content by Type, Jurisdiction and List of Sources.

This option will be very useful for discovering new content or when you want to perform a documentary search through categories.

  • Search by content type
    The browsing by type of content can be used to search from greater to lesser detail.
  • Search by Jurisdiction
    vLex United States has the option to search on a Federal or state level.
  • Search by source listings
    It includes all the doctrine of the editorials contained in vLex and available in the product you have contracted.

4. Vincent

Vincent is a virtual legal assistant who, through artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies (Iceberg IA), finds legal citations, the cited documents and the most relevant legal concepts in any legal document the included from 9 jurisdictions. Vincent generates a list of documents to be reviewed including legislation, jurisprudence, books, journal articles and model contracts in vLex.

You will find Vincent in the top right section of vLex. Click on the icon to begin using it.

Drag-and-drop or select any document from your computer.

Vincent will begin to analyze the document. In the center of the results screen all the documents related to the legal concepts, citations and cited documents analyzed by Vincent from document that you uploaded are shown. From here, you can filter these results using different parameters.



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Updated on April 10, 2019

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