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Previous versions of a rule. Version comparison tool.

vLex makes the task of reviewing previous versions of a rule and comparing changing between different versions much easier, faster and visually appealing.

1. See Previous Versions. Comparative versions table.

In vLex you have access to the previous versions of rules or regulations that were in force on a specific date. In addition, you can consult a record of all of the changes that a specific rule has undergone with a detailed view of the items added, modified or repealed. To do this, simply select the “Versions” tab.

2. Version Comparison Tool: Details of Changes

The new “View modifications” feature gives you access to a comparison tool that will give you a clear version of all changes made:

  • Original parts of the text will be underlined in red, with the modified texted crossed out.
  • New additions to a text will appear underlined in green with the text clearly emphasized.

The vLex Comparison Tool will save you time and effort.

Available in only select countries

Previous versions of texts are available from the original standard (for Spain and Chile), since 2009 (for Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina), since 2016 (for Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Costa Rica and Uruguay) and since 2017 (for Bolivia).

The Comparison Tool is only available in Spain, Mexico and Colombia for versions after 2012. For Mexico, it is a selection of standards and for Spain, it is a selection of relevant standards from previous years.

This post is also available in: Español

Updated on December 15, 2017

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