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vLex ID or VID

The vLex ID (also known as VID) is a unique identification number that you will find in all vLex documents.

Use of the vLex ID

This identification number gives you another way to locate and search for documents within vLex. With this number you will never confuse two documents, since it is a unique identifier. Its objective is to facilitate the search process and allow you to be able to share documents within the database.

  • If you know this number you can search for documents with it by selecting “more filters” in the search filters section and then looking for the “vLex Document ID” option.

Find out the VID of a document in vLex

  • Choose the “share” icon at the top of the document and choose the “vLex ID” option from the drop-down menu.

  • The document’s url address also contains this identifier, as indicated in the image below.

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Updated on March 13, 2019

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